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Happiness Quest

We all know the world around us is changing. And at the heart of these changes are organizations and people – they create and lead this change just as they are impacted by it.

During these surreal times, how important is getting your people to think about their “Purpose in Life” right now when you’re worried about their well-being—not to mention corporate survival? It’s more important than you may think.

People are constantly searching for meaning and larger good of the society through the work that they do, and organizations will have to think of a holistic well-being approach to derive maximum productivity from its teams.

So, WHY the "Happiness Quest Project" — During times of crisis, employess purpose [an important contributor to employee experience, which in turn is linked to higher levels of employee engagement, stronger organizational commitment, and increased feelings of wellbeing] can be a guidepost that helps people face up to uncertainties and navigate them better, and thus mitigate the damaging effects of long-term stress.

People who have a strong sense of purpose tend to get more meaning from their roles, making them more productive, resilient and more likely to outperform their peers.

These happy interventions can be delivered in a variety of ubercool formats:

  • 75 - 120 minutes interactive workshops for leaders, managers and teams.
  • 45 - 60 minutes insightful keynote Q&A.
  • 4 - 20 hours immersive online training as part of your leadership, learning and development initiatives.
  • Motivational talk or workshop for your leadership summits, national/regional meetings, annual conferences and onboarding process protocols.
All are our programs can be delivered virtually, in person or both. This can be further customized to your group and bespoke needs!

The 360 Happiness Quotient integrated wellbeing model incorporates 5 key Q dimensions

Each dimension is unique and intertwined with the others. Integrated wellbeing begins with the employees and, when achieved, extends throughout their learning journey at work, families and the larger community.
As a result, the ideal state of wellbeing i.e physically thriving, emotionally balanced, socially secure, intellectually sound and socially connected, places the flourishing employee at the center and is truly integrated across all five dimensions. The ideal state of employee wellbeing is in the center surrounded by Thriving, Balanced, Secure, Connected and Flourishing.

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Research shows

Employee well-being and human-centered culture drive real results


According to a worldwide study by Towers Watson, the single biggest driver of engagement is whether or not employees feel their managers are genuinely interested in their well-being.


Research shows that improving employee happiness raises sales by 37%, productivity by 31%, and accuracy of task completion by 19%.


Studies show that companies with high-recognition cultures perform better and have less employee turnover than those that don’t.


After conducting a comprehensive study, Google found that psychological safety was the number one factor shared by the most effective teams in the company.


Thriving employees perform 27% better than non-thriving employees, including 89% better on innovation, and they are 79% more committed to the organization.


Manny is the proud author of three books, including Happiness Samurai which is written to awaken the Happiness Samurai within all of us. It talks about the combination of Ikigai and your true purpose. Happiness Memoir consists of the 10 most important lessons in life. It is a 200-page guide and journal to personal transformation. His latest book; Happiness Conversations is about conversations between a father and his son as they complement each other's happiness. A book about wisdom and growth in life.

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Public Speaking

Manny is a motivational speaker, an author, leadership expert, fintech innovator cum teacher, purpose researcher Ikigai facilitator and a happiness maverick. He is a dedicated father and dog dad. He is driven by passion and wants to make a positive societal impact. As a speaker, Manny has the rare ability to transfix an audience yet deliver uncommonly novel and useful insights that lead to individuals finding their best zone, which helps them achieve pragmatic results personally and professionally. For the past 3 years, many of the most well-known organizations in India and abroad, ranging from company and school/colleges have held events where Manny has delivered some brilliant insights on self-development and happiness. Manny’s hap-tech's methods have been proven at the highest levels across the success spectrum.


Manny is one of the most popular figures in the corporate world and also helps as a trusted advisors to senior leaders globally. Why? Because of his remarkable gift of providing insights, tools and systems that drive real professional value and dramatic personal results - especially in times of the unknown. The Ikigai Quest Mentorship program will offer you a rare chance of working one on one with Manny and get a chance to know him personally and benefit from his vared life experiences. As a philanthropist, Manny has partnered with NGOS across the world. Manny has always believed that happiness is never a destination but a process and through his work you may not be able to solve all of your problems but a direction is what you will get.

Introspective ice-breakers

Introspection is the process of self analysis of one’s emotional and mental processes. The purpose being doing this is to understand yourself and your surroundings better. From your relationships, regrets and even your biggest fear. This questionnaire comprises of 20+ questions that will make you reflect on your life and your priorities.

How much do you know about Ikigai

Discover your knowledge about Ikigai with this short interactive questionnaire.

How well do you know your Ikigai quotient zone

This self introspection questionnaire will guide you to reflect on the ten key elements of Ikigai as one purposeful way to find your current Ikigai quotient zone in the life journey. If you don’t know what your Ikigai quotient zone is yet, your goal is to discover it.

Know your Ikigai

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that broadly speaking translates as a “reason for being”. The idea of achieving Ikigai is to bring satisfaction and meaning to life which in turn paves the way to professional and personal success. This self introspection questionnaire will guide individuals to reflect on ten key fundamentals as one way to find your current Ikigai in the life journey. If you don’t know what your Ikigai is yet, your mission is to discover it.

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