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Happiness Samurai

Happiness Samurai Introduction
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Foreword by John Abraham
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Happiness Samurai Poem
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Happiness Samurai In Closing

Happiness Samurai Poem

John Abraham

"Read this book not because you are down or low - read this book because it will teach you the value of happiness. Read this book to understand how you can create your own happiness with what you have within you in the here and now. I learn something new from Manny each time I meet him, and I am sure that you will learn something new each time you open this book. I wish him all the best for his debut book. I hope you enjoy reading this heartfelt and honest account. And I wish you - the reader - every joy through this powerful and insightful tome on happiness!"
SUNIL GUPTA Professor of Business Administration
Harvard Business School USA
DILIP VENGSARKAR Former Cricket Captain India
AJAY SRINIVASAN CEO Aditya Birla Capital Ltd India
SANDEEP CHHABRA Principal – Indus international School,
Pune, India
BERIT VIRTANEN-THEWLIS Founder & Changemaker at impactXchanage Finland
MAJOR ANIL KUMAR Shaurya Chakra (Retd) Indian Army Veteran
FRANCESCA GINO Professor of Business Administration
Harvard Business School USA
Katrien Wayenberg C.E.O NLS GmbH
Rajiv Sodhi COO Microsoft
Gladys Moran CEO Universidad Maria Auxiliadora
Lawrence Twigg Innovation Trailblazer Standard Bank Group
South Africa
Terence Lewis Indian dancer
Ira Dubey Indian actress

" What I am going to do with my one precious life? "

" This book makes you realize wherever you are ' be all there "

" If triggers take you into soul searching & self exploration, this book would have done its job "

" Why balance is essential to co-ordinate work' personal life and inner self? "

" It teaches how to be happy and not why to be happy "

" In the end' life is too precious to live without clarity of the elements that make you happy "

" It harmoniously integrates the philosophy of Ikigai in everyday life while imploring the reader to live life to its fullest. "

" A passionate approach for the pursuit of happiness with a positive perspective on ‘how to prioritize’. "

" Encompassing, deep and balanced. Very Inspiring and moving. A powerful combination! "

" Don’t be busy. Be purposeful. Fabulous insightful. "

" A must read book to help you find your true source of inner potential, happiness and purpose. "

" We need only love, kindness, forgiveness and honesty to be truly happy. "

" A fabulous book that demystifies the concept of Ikigai n gives you tools to live your life full charged,happily n with purpose! well done Manny Anchan!
@happinesssamurai is a must read "

" Timing couldn't be better "

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My Happiness Samurai Plan for 2021 + Beyond

The ten things I want to accomplish...

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