Hap-tech is basically the use of technology to develop an individual’s positive mind, soul and body. Happiness is important because it constitutes a final goal for human beings. Happiness is something to which one aspires and its search motivates human action. An example of this is that a resolution of the United Nations of 2012 states that “the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human objective because it constitutes a final goal for human beings.

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Micheal Clarke

"Very exciting mate congratulations. I wish you all the success in the world mate."
Abhay Mishra President & CEO Transportation Business Reliance Infrastructure
Nitin Thakur Head of Learning & Development at Jindal Stainless
Rajiv Sodhi COO Microsoft
A. Bala Managing Director CEO Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Limited
March 6th 2021

" If one is committed to make a change in life one will get there. "

" In today’s world where unpredictability and uncertainness need calm and composed minds "

" The time tested philosophy of Ikigai is very pertinent in today’s new normal. "

" Don’t be busy. Be purposeful. Fabulous insightful. "

" Thanks for being part of our employees event today Manny .. more than 250 of our employees attended your session and they were extremely happy with your session and got some meaningful way of getting the happiness quotient ..thanks for giving the wonderful insight "

Our services
Happiness expertise powered by artificial intelligence and data analytics.

HCQCF is designed to fulfill a wide range of learning needs for all types and sizes of the educator and learner: future-looking universities, mental health focussed conglomerates, teachers and even individual’s benefit from the program’s powerful features.

Cutting-edge positive psychology pedagogy and machine learning research always forms the foundation of our bespoke service. Unrivaled learning analytics, ergonomic social features, AI-powered recommendations and the learning path generator make us the most personal and insightful learning platform on the market.

HQ in schools, universities and post graduation courses

Increase motivation, engagement, prevent drop-outs, productivity gains, and improve retention. HQ’s collaborative features allow you to quickly identify thought leaders, while building a vibrant online student community seamlessly inside course material.

HQ in corporations, non‑governmental and governmental organizations

Train employees individually, make knowledge measurable and communicate organization-wide effortlessly and transparently with HQ. Engage your staff and save hundreds of hours with our personalized learning path algorithms.

HQ for students, teachers and lifelong learning

Create your own collaborative learning area and invite your peers or students to establish your own learning community with HCQSF. Never stop learning by making HQ’s artificial intelligence your lifelong learning partner, improving study outcomes with its awareness of what you should learn, and how

Happiness research & consultancy

We partner with educational bodies, governments and corporates to set the agenda to improve quality of life. We deliver insights on why some people and societies are happier than others, how we can convert wealth into well-being and how we may reshape our societies to improve quality of life and how we can measure happiness and subjective well-being.

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