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It is good to see you at the start. I mean the end is not bad, the middle is good too but the start is something else, right? A lot of things happen at the start. You get introduced to new people, new places and new stories. The start is kinda cool. But we don’t always want to be restricted to a starting line, right? So here you can start anywhere. The start, the middle or the end. There is a new conversation waiting for you on every page.

So anyway as I was saying, welcome to our happy place. This is a place I created so we can have all the cool, important and happy conversations. Let us get to know the 3 characters of this book - the man, the kid and the dog.

The man is me - Manny. The kid is my son, Sohm and the dog is the lovely and charming Max. We are a family that loves to Hello, travel, read and live life to the fullest, our happiest selves. In this book you will find us having conversations about Ikigai to mindfulness to fitness. I feel that such conversations are super pertinent for us to find our own happiness and help our loved ones to find their happiness too.

So give this book a read and add more prompts to your conversational skills. Hop on the exciting joyful journey of discovering your sources of happiness and take everyone with you.

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Happy Excerpt of

Happy Conversations

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Amar Tekwani
Amna Lakdawala
Sarojini Rao Principal Indus International School Bangalore
Lt. General Arjun Ray MD & CEO Indus Trust

" Amazing presentation of life's realities and learnings. That too in a simple and easy tone. Manny has really touched so many chords and expressed every father's emotions. Loved reading this with my son. The language, the simple explanation of why one should conduct the way one should, the need for compassion.....so much in such simple yet conclusive way. "

" Happy Conversations” is a book that the world needs. With the rising cases of mental health problems, such books with beautiful life lessons act as a saviour. It plays an important role in making us all realize now it is high time for us to take mental health seriously and understand apart from the stress that life throws at us, it is also meant to live. Manny has been my mentor and introduced a whole other world to me on the concept of happiness that I am awestruck upon. The book has helped me develop a different perspective on life and how there is so much more to it. I am grateful to be surrounded by such inspiring people and for the lessons, I learn from them. "

" Thank you for yet another excellent book on happiness. You have simplified a complex concept of happiness through the conversations. That is a rare quality which very few people can accomplish. The book will appeal to people of all age groups. "

" Thank you very much for another companion book on happiness. The book is child friendly, well-illustrated, and an easy guide to understand happiness.
As you well know, Happiness is not an objective; it’s a by-product. One has to pursue something (purpose) to give meaning, which in turn, makes one happy. "

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